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8 Important Tips To Make Your Computer Work Faster

June 23, 2013

Computer systems do slow down over a period of time. We install different software components over the time that are needed for various different purposes. Some of the programs are designed to start automatically whenever we start computer. Such programs keep clogging the computer memory and make a computer function much slower than intended. This tutorial will help you in making your computer work faster, just like a new computer or may be even faster if you do it right!

Clean your computer

Computers need regular maintenance in order to do get desired results. We all want our computers to be efficient in carrying out different tasks but we rarely look around what we installed is no longer being used. So go through your Control Panel (Programs and Features) and search through the list for software that you are not using anymore. Get rid of it and make your computer work a little less on loading software programs at startup that you no longer need.

Balance the security

Security is a good thing, it ensures integrity to your privacy and secures your personal information. But too much of everything is bad. If you have too many security programs, decide one that you think is the best. Get rid of other security programs that may be slowing down your computer. Imagine if your car could have 2 steering and 2 drivers. Who takes the control of the car? If we don’t decide who takes the control, we’ll end up crashing the car. Same goes with your computer. Decide who takes the control.

Reduce Visual Effects

Who doesn’t love those glossy animated mouse pointers? Talk about that amazing background wallpaper that your computer loads whenever you start your computer. All of the visual effects actually affect the workability of your computer system. Everything takes time to load, pointers, wallpaper, icons, etc. Well, how could we forget the Vista aero effects? They definitely look fabulous! But, they do impose a lot of load on your computer resources. Simple solution, get rid of all of these effects if you wish to enjoy a fast, responsive computer system.

Re-arrange the files (Defrag)

Who could’ve thought defragging your computer could actually make a lot of difference? Defrag your computer from time to time. I know, it takes time to defrag but it certainly keep things stacked up properly. You don’t have to do it everyday. Say, once in two weeks should be just fine. Your computer would be like a cute little happy puppy if you defrag your computer once in a while.

Check the Startup

There are certain programs that you may use everyday. Then there are those software programs that you use occasionally. Check the MSCONFIG (Microsoft System Configuration Utility) and see what is loading up whenever you start your computer. If you see programs that you do not wish to start automatically each time you start your computer, uncheck them. You will feel a drastic change in the system load times and that’s a really good thing, you’re gonna love it.

Check for viruses

You may be a rookie and you may know it all but there is always a chance of error. Run a full system virus scan once every week to make sure there are no viruses or spyware running on your computer. You could schedule your virus scanner for a particular time of the day when you are not using your computer. Say, late night or the early morning. Many good antivirus programs like the BitDefender Antivirus allows advanced scheduling system that can be really handy in regularly checking your computer for those pesky bugs that may be harming your computer without you knowing anything at all.

Remove Hardware

Your computer is capable of doing a lot of things. Doesn’t mean you have to hookup all of the gadgets you have in your house to your computer. If you are not using that thumb drive or your camera/phone, there is no point of hooking it up to your computer. Your computer gets extra work to do, it has to scan all of these components to make sure they are working and nothing is wrong with them. Also, if you are not using your CD drive, there is no reason to have a CD running in it all of the time. Remove it so that your computer can worry about carrying other tasks.

Hard Drive Space

Your computer needs some space on your hard drive in order to work properly. Make sure not to fill drives on your hard drive to the fullest capacity. Always make sure to leave a couple of hundred megabytes space empty so that your computer can work properly. Anyway, you will get error messages as you fill your hard drive to the neck. The solution is, buy an external hard drive that you can connect to your computer through the USB port and transfer all of the data from your computer hard drive to the external hard drive. Keeps your computer light weight and ready to work properly.

These are some of the basic tips that can help you make your computer run faster. The question is how to carry out all of the above mentioned tasks? Well, you Google them and find your answers. If you follow the above mentioned tips ‘religiously’, you will have a fast computer system. You will also avoid a lot of potential problems with your computer system. So go ahead, do your computer some favor and take that extra load off its shoulders and enjoy a fast loading efficient computer system. If you know of any other tricks to make the computer run faster, please share them by leaving a comment.

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