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BitDefender Antivirus Review

BitDefender Antivirus Review
BitDefender Antivirus(#1 in top ten antivirus)
Stealth: Stealth 10 Stars
Speed: Speed 10 Stars
Price: Price 10 Stars
Support: Support 10 Stars
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One of the most important aspects of robust internet security is virus detection. With regards to this, Bitdefender Internet Security is excellent software which provides amazing services including Antivirus, Anti-phishing, and Firewall, Antispam, Parental control and Social Network Protection. The software is the best in its kind and provides what it promises. Bitdefender is the best internet security software which provides you all the protection you need.

BitDefender Antivirus Features

  • The software features a two-way firewall. The firewall adjust its settings to fit your location.
  • There is an integrated Wi-Fi monitor which protects your computer against unwanted attempts to access your network.
  • BitDefender gives each URL a security rank every time you use a search engine. With the website filter, you can restrict certain sites or monitor your child’s internet activity.
  • A very powerful tool called the Scan Dispatcher can run full time system scans.
  • For the United States customers, the software offers a free credit monitoring service which provides you with real-time alerts whenever any changes appear on your credit reports.
  • You can edit parental controls, access items in your Safebox, view credit report alerts and implement social media protection through your own BitDefender account.
  • Some of its premium services include file shredding, system tools, identity protection and Android security.

BitDefender Antivirus Review

BitDefender is said to be the best antivirus and security software provider according to many websites. But there have to some solid grounds to establish and prove the fact that it is really the best. In order to test the performance of their security software, we performed various tests. Our main test is the speed and the stealth test. We believe, to be the best, the antivirus software should not slow down a computer after installation. The software should use minimum system resources and provide efficient security. Speed matters a lot. If the security software slow down a computer system, no matter how good it is at providing security, it is useless to the end user. We tested the BitDefender security software on our lab computer and here is some interesting and useful information:

System performance before installing the BitDefender security:

System Performance Ratings

We used a system benchmarking software to check the speed of various components of the computer. In the pre-installation benchmarking results the CPU speed was 7270 MIPS, it could process 7270 million instructions per second. The memory speed was 3090 Megabytes per second. Hard drive speed was 16.8 Megabytes per second and 2D video speed was 8.67 MP/s (processing millions of pixels per second).

System performance after installing the BitDefender security:

BitDefender Antivirus Ratings

After installing the BitDefender security, we ran the benchmarking test again and we were astonished at the results! Here is the system performance screenshot post-installation. The CPU speed has lowered from 7270 MIPS to 7230 MIPS, the Memory speed has decreased marginally from 3090 to 3080 MB/s, the hard drive speed has decreased marginally from 16.8 to 16.3 MB/s and the 2D video speed has actually increased from 8.67 to 8.91 MP/s.

System performance ratings comparison before and after installing BitDefender:

Component Before Install After Install
Hard Drive16.816.3

CONCLUSION OF THE TEST: The tests show that there is a change in the system performance pre-installation and post-installation but the impact is very minimal. As a computer user, you will hardly feel any difference in the performance of your computer after installing the BitDefender Antivirus or Security software. Secondly, notice that the 2D Video ratings have actually increased after installing the software. That's a good sign and proves that BitDefender uses the least system resources and provides the best security for your computer. Even for gamers, BitDefender is the best option because the impact of this antivirus/security software is the least on Graphics card performance. BitDefender earns a score of 10 out of 10 in the system performance test.

BitDefender Stealth Testing

We tested the BitDefender security on an infected computer which had many viruses, trojans and malware. When you download the BitDefender security and install it on your computer, the first step that BitDefender does is download the latest virus definitions from the internet and install them on the computer. Then quickly run a deep scan on the system files and checks the running processes. If found anything unusual, it stops those processes that may be harmful to the computer. After running the scan, it cleans all the infection.

All of the infections were successfully detected by the BitDefender security and the files were cleaned. Although there was some internet connection loss while removing these viruses but the connectivity was restored once all of these infections were successfully removed from the computer. We also had to call BitDefender technical support for removal of one of the worms (Net-worm.Win32.Kido.jr). The tech support associate was terrific and very knowledgeable person. He helped us and made sure that the virus was completely removed from the computer. In my opinion, BitDefender security has been the fastest in removing threats. Its stealth and strength are simply outstanding! BitDefender earns a score of 10 out of 10 in the stealth test.

BitDefender Strength Testing

Detecting or finding infections is one important aspect of an antivirus software. Removing the found infections successfully is a different aspect altogether. There are many antivirus programs that are really good at detecting infection or spyware. However, not all of the antivirus programs can remove all of the virus infections. With the set of infections we had on our lab computer, BitDefender performed exceptionally good with detecting and removing all of the infections.

The first step was detection, followed by quarantine the infected files. The final step was asking the user if they wished to complete delete those files. After removing all of the infections, BitDefender warned us to run a fully system scan in order to ensure all of the infections were removed. All of these observations helped us understand how BitDefender protects a computer through real-time scanning and actively shielding your computer from all sorts of threats over the internet. BitDefender earns a score of 10 out of 10 in the strength test.

Overall Test Results

Speed/Performance Test Scored 10 out of 10
Stealth Test Scored 10 out of 10
Strength Test Scored 10 out of 10

BitDefender Antivirus Security Ratings

As per our tests, we think that BitDefender is the best antivirus security software! On the speed test, we give this software a score of 10 out of 10. On the stealth and strength we rate this security software 10 out of 10 scores. For the tech support, we give a score of 10 out of 10. Bitdefender is one of the cheapest software in terms of price and it earns a 10 out of 10 score for the affordability rating. That's a 10 out of 10 scores over all which is the best score we have awarded to any antivirus security software so far!

BitDefender Antivirus Images

BitDefender antivirus screenshot 1      BitDefender antivirus screenshot 2 BitDefender antivirus screenshot 3      BitDefender antivirus screenshot 4

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