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Dirty Little Secrets of the eWorld You Should Know!

July 12, 2013

Internet is a very useful tool to make your life easier. But it can also change your life if you do not be careful. Here are some important internet computing tips you should be aware of. The dirty little secrets about antivirus and security software companies, free email systems and lots more. Read them and play safe!

Dirty Little Secret about Scareware

On September 6. 2012 McAfee was hit with a potential class-action lawsuit for scamming web users into purchasing “Registry Power Cleaner”, which in truth is just another scareware software that cons you out of your money. McAfee is willing to join the ranks of the cyber-criminals to make their money. Nice guys! When you are surfing over the internet, do not get scared if some banner says that your computer is infected. It may be just another scareware to make you shell out money.

Dirty Little Secret about FREE Emails

The little secret is that the cybercriminals capitalize on these characteristics and target folks with Aol, Yahoo and Hotmail accounts because they believe they have a better chance of scamming them. And it’s true. More money is stolen from people with these email addresses than any other. So do not just stick with the known free email services but try other free email providers.

Dirty Little Secret about Lottery Wins

Thousands of people have been scammed by those perky emails about winning the Microsoft lottery or Western Union, UPS, the FBI and/or some Bank lottery. If you check your email spam/junk folder, you will still notice emails claiming you have won huge amounts of money. Be aware that you will not get any money, instead you will end up losing money and breaching your privacy. DO NOT open such emails, ever!

Dirty Little Secret of Antivirus companies

Most antivirus companies claim to be the best, oh well, all of them claim to provide the best security. But the truth is that the bad guys are always ahead of them. And, it doesn’t take much to be ahead. Most new viruses and malware are detected after 30 days and by the time antivirus companies update their software, the malware has done most of the job they were intended to do. Some security companies came up with behavioral based scanning. Companies like BitDefender are driving towards scanning applications based on their behavior. Their security software can spot unusual behavior and clean up systems once they have been breached. That’s as far as the antivirus technology has gone so far. So do not waste your money on just any security software, stick with the best which is equipped with the latest technology.

Some advice for computer users, do not get overwhelmed by those flashy banners and perky lottery winning emails. Always put a second thought to whatever you do over the internet. Be thoughtful before you click-click and be safe!


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