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Coranti Antivirus Review

Coranti Antivirus Review
Coranti Antivirus(#8 in top ten antivirus)
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From the traditional antivirus software, a new concept emerged a few years ago: Multi-engine antivirus scanners. Various antivirus and security software testing agencies have tested antivirus and security software and have concluded that no single antivirus program is 100% effective against all sorts of threats. For example, Norton antivirus may be highly effective against a particular type of virus, trojan or worm but at the same time it may not be fully effective for removing another type of threat. Although I consider BitDefender antivirus the best among all, but the bottom line is that it may not be fully effective against all sorts of old and new threats. Same conclusion applies to all of the antivirus and security software available out there. This is where some companies thought of creating a unique software which will use engines of the best antivirus software. Using more than one engine will ensure maximum protection against all types of threats.

Coranti Inc, the provider of award-winning multi-engine antivirus and security software, was established in the year 2009 in Yokohama, Japan. The company launched the next-generation of antivirus software that uses 4 different engines to provide maximum security against the ever-rising threat of malware and cybercrime. A company just 3 years old, has already won many awards for their robust security software for home users and business users. Coranti includes the following scan engines and uses them simultaneously at their full potential: BitDefender (AV), F-Prot (AV), Lavasoft (AV) and Lavasoft (AS). With each engine having its own individual strengths, the concurrent and parallel use of all engines provides a maximum layer of protection not only for on-demand scanning but also for realtime protection and zero-day attacks.

Coranti Multi-Engine Antivirus Review

Unlike other antivirus providers, Coranti has released only one product for defending against all sorts of threats: Coranti Antivirus. The software uses 4 robust engines to protect your computer against old and new threats. The software is designed to run on 32-bit and 64-bit windows operating systems as well as server platforms. So it is the same software which can be used either on home computers or on business computers and servers. Their multi-engine scanning software has two modules: antivirus and antispyware. Coranti uses best-of-breed heuristic analysis and comprehensive Artificial Intelligence methods to enhance the finding of infected files, while minimizing performance degradation.

The multiscanner provides real-time, on-demand, and scheduled scanning for viruses and spyware, regardless of their source. The software promises to provide zero-day attack prevention using comprehensive mix of methodologies and technologies such as sandboxing, emulation, and heuristics from 4 independent anti-malware engines. The software is designed in a way that it is easy to configure and easy to use. It has a simple user-friendly interface. Also, the software is available in different languages: English, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), Dutch, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese and Spanish.

When you download the software and install it on your computer, the first thing the software does is, download the latest virus definitions and important files to keep your computer protected. Due to its multi-engine nature, Coranti requires an additional one-time additional download of 300MB of signature files after installation. Coranti signature files are incrementally updated (at leasy) daily and are around 1-2 MB each time. You will find an option on the update window 'Background' which allows you to hide the update window and allow the antivirus software to download updates silently in the background. This feature is very useful and becomes handy when you do not wish to be disturbed whenever there is an update.

Coranti Antivirus is very effective against all types of threats: virus, trojans, spyware, worms and other malware. Another great feature of the software is that it can be installed along with other antivirus or security product. However, Coranti antivirus is not compatible with these software:

  • Avira
  • PC Tools
  • Daemon Tools and products using SPTD driver (sptd.sys)older than
  • Zone Alarm and products using True Vector Device Driver (vsdatant.sys)older than 9.1.503.0

If you have any of the above software installed on your computer, it is recommended not to install Coranti antivirus because there may be a conflict or errors if you still install it.

Coranti Antivirus Testing and Ratings

We always run these tests in order to find out the efficiency and stealth of an antivirus software. In order to check the load caused by Coranti multi-engine antivirus software, we ran a benchmark software. The software was run on our lab computer prior to installing Coranti antivirus. We took the readings and took a screenshot. Then we installed the antivirus program and downloaded all the required updates. After installing the software, we ran the benchmark software again to see the change in the performance of our lab computer. Here are the performance test results:

System Performance Test

System performance before installing Coranti Antivirus on the computer:

System Performance Ratings

In the above test results, the CPU speed was 7270 MIPS, it could process 7270 million instructions per second. The memory speed was 3090 Megabytes per second. Hard drive speed was 16.8 Megabytes per second and 2D video speed was 8.67 MP/s (processing millions of pixels per second). The above test results are prior to installing the Coranti antivirus software. When the antivirus was fully installed, we ran the same test again to check if there is any difference in the system performance scores.

System performance after installing Coranti Antivirus on the computer:

Coranti Antivirus Ratings

In the above test results, the CPU speed has changed to 7080 MIPS in comparison to the older 7270 MIPS, that shows the CPU speed has decreased post-installation. The Memory speed has changed to 2770 MB/s, there's a considerable difference in the memory speed post-installation. The Hard drive speed has decreased to 14.5 in comparison to the older 16.8 MB/s reading, there is a considerable difference. The 2D video speed has decreased slightly post-installation from 8.67 to 6.01 MP/s. Overall, there is a slight difference in the performance of the computer but still considerable. In case of the other antivirus programs we tested earlier, Coranti multi-engine has more impact on the performance of the computer.

System performance ratings comparison before and after installing Coranti software:

Component Before Install After Install
Hard Drive16.814.2

Conclusion of the test: Coranti multi-engine antivirus has a considerable impact on the system performance post-installation. The CPU speed and Memory speed has decreased after installing the software. If you are using a computer loaded with Windows XP or Windows 7, you can still consider installing the software as it will have a very little impact on the system. However, if you are using a computer loaded with Windows Vista, I would not advise you to install this antivirus software as it may degrade the performance of your computer. For all those users with Win XP, Windows 7 or other operating systems, Coranti antivirus is a good option after BitDefender antivirus. With these system performance tests, we conclude that Coranti antivirus is a good option for home and business users. We give this antivirus software a rating of 7 out 10 for the speed/performance test in terms of "impact on the system resources".

Stealth/Strength Test

Although we know that Coranti antivirus uses 4 different engines to provide maximum security against all sorts of threats, still we wanted to fully test the capabilities of the software. So we installed the software on our lab computer which is infected with various different viruses, trojans, spyware, keyloggers and malware. Here is a list of all the infections that Coranti discovered on this lab computer:

  • Alureon trojan
  • Stuxnet trojan
  • VBMania trojan
  • Morto worm
  • W32.Dozer
  • Daprosy Worm
  • Koobface worm
  • Rustock.C
  • Mocmex
  • Storm Worm
  • Zeus trojan
  • Bancos
  • LegMir

There were even multiple variants of the above mentioned malware and trojans and some of them are high-threat. There are many journals on these malware available from different authoritative sources on the internet. Coranti multi-scanning engine picked up all of the threats present on the computer. Some of these threats were removed in the safe mode and some in the normal mode. There were other infections which were also removed. We were really amazed with the capabilities of the antivirus software removing infection from all the files on the computer. Although the system is still unstable, but it is booting to the desktop without any issues. The system may be unstable because of removing too many files or there could be corruption in the registry of the operating system.

Conclusion of the test: Since Coranti antivirus was able to successfully detect and remove all the viruses, trojans and worms, I consider this among the best security software. Although the system was unstable (processing a little slower), but that could have been caused by a number of reasons. I have no reason to believe that the system instability was caused by the antivirus software. Although I'm fully satisfied with the capabilities of Coranti antivirus but my first preference will still be BitDefender antivirus. For stealth and strength test, we give Coranti a score of 8 out of 10.

Coranti Antivirus Overall Ratings

Speed/Performance Test Scored 7 out of 10
Stealth Test Scored 8 out of 10
Strength Test Scored 8 out of 10

Coranti Antivirus Screenshots

Coranti Antivirus Screenshot Coranti Antivirus Screenshot Coranti Antivirus Screenshot Coranti Antivirus Screenshot Coranti Antivirus Screenshot Coranti Antivirus Screenshot