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Preventon Antivirus Review

Preventon Antivirus Review
Preventon Antivirus(#3 in top ten antivirus)
Speed: Speed 9 Stars
Stealth: Stealth 9 Stars
Strength: Strength 10 Stars
Support: Support 9 Stars
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There are well over 100 different antivirus companies but only a few stand out to provide maximum security for your computer from old and new viruses. Preventon antivirus, a product of the Preventon Technologies Ltd. is a wonderful security solution for home and business users. Preventon Technologies is a UK based company that started nearly 10 years ago. Since then they have been constantly working on improving the strength of their security products. This Preventon antivirus review will help you know the capabilities of the software. We will fully test the software to understand its Pro and Cons.

Preventon Antivirus Review

Testing antivirus software for efficiency, stealth and strength is a tough job but I love taking the pain as far as my research brings out something useful. I just finished testing the Preventon antivirus software and have some great information to share in this review.

In order to fully test the software, I have divided this review into 3 different sections:

  1. Speed/Performance Test: In this test, I will check the impact of antivirus software on the system resources. Antivirus software should not make a computer slow.
  2. Stealth Test: In this test, I will check whether Preventon antivirus finds all the virus, spyware and malware on my lab computer or if it fails in finding any of the infections. I am going to open a can of worms in this test and infect the system heavily with all sorts of malware and let the antivirus software do its job.
  3. Strength Test: In this test, I will check whether Preventon antivirus can successfully remove all the infection or not.

Speed/Performance Test

In order to check the impact of the antivirus software on system resources, I am going to use an industry leading PC benchmarking software. On one of my lab computers, I installed a PC benchmarking software. Then I ran the software and noted down the system performance ratings. Here are the details:

System performance before installing Preventon Antivirus:

System Performance Ratings

In the system performance rating image above, you can see how the system performed before installing the antivirus program. The CPU ratings were 7270 MIPS (million instructions per second). Memory rating was 3090 MB/s (megabytes per second). Hard Drive ratings were 16.8 MB/s and the 2D graphics rating was 8.67 MP/s (million pixels per second). After taking these ratings, I installed the Preventon antivirus and check system performance again using the same PC benchmark software.

System performance after installing Preventon Antivirus:

Preventon Antivirus Ratings

After installing the Preventon antivirus, here are the system performance ratings. The CPU performance is now 7220 MIPS, Memory performance has changed to 3060 MB/s, the hard drive rating has changed to 15.6 MB/s and the 2D graphics rating has changed to 7.31 MP/s. The change in the system performance is minimal, you will not feel any change in the computer speed and functionality after installing Preventon antivirus.

System performance ratings comparison before and after installing Preventon:

Component Before Install After Install
Hard Drive16.815.6

Conclusion of the test: We have tested so many different antivirus programs so far, even those that are well known. However, I'm impressed with the results of Preventon antivirus. The software imposed a very little impact on the system performance post installation. There is a negligible change in the CPU performance. Even the change in the Memory performance is minimal. The hard drive performance is also good after installing Preventon. There was a slight change in the graphics performance. All of these readings point to the efficiency of the Preventon antivirus. The comparison of ratings prove that the antivirus software has a very little impact on the system performance. I would give this antivirus software a score of 9 out of 10 in the performance/system load test. That's a remarkable score achieved by Preventon antivirus software!

Preventon Antivirus Stealth Test

This is the most interesting test and my favourite because in this test, I will check how well the antivirus software performs in finding the infections. I picked up one of my lab computers which is heavily infected by viruses, trojans, rootkits, keyloggers and malware. Let's see how well Preventon Antivirus performs in finding the infections and removing them from the PC.

I installed roughly 20 different viruses/malware one after the other. I could see the hard drive indicator blinking for nothing and the system is getting a little slow. I installed the Preventon Antivirus on the computer. The antivirus software installed without any problems. Then I started a full system scan to see if it can find all the infections present on the computer. The complete scan took 1 hour and 30 minutes. Here are the different infections Preventon antivirus picked and quarantined:

  • ZeroAccess.kmem
  • trojan.Zeroacces!kmem
  • trojan.zeroaccess!inf
  • Win32.GEMA
  • Trojan.win32.VB.AHH
  • Win64:ZAcess-E
  • Win32:Crypt-MOT
  • Win32:Medfos-E
  • alureon.e
  • tr/atraps.gen2
  • Win32/Olmarik.TDL4
  • Win64/Sirefef.F
  • Win32/Sirefef.AB
  • Win32/Alureon.FP
  • Win64/Sirefef.J
  • Win32/Waprox.A
  • Win64/Sirefef.P
  • Win64/Sirefef.U
  • Win64/Sirefef.W
  • JS/Blacole.DG
  • Win64/Sirefef.Y
  • Luhe.Boxed.R
  • Trojan.Agent.LTGen

Conclusion of the test: Antivirus software should be able to find all of the infections on a computer system. It seems as of now that Preventon antivirus found all the infections on the computer. But we can't be too sure as of now. We need to scan the system with another antivirus software to see if other antivirus program finds the same number of infections or not. However, based on my understanding, I can give Preventon antivirus a score of 9 out of 10 in the stealth test.

Preventon Antivirus Strength Test

In order to check the strength of Preventon antivirus, I tried to remove all the infections it had discovered. Preventon antivirus quarantined all of the infections and the computer seems to be working normal now. I do not see the hard drive blinking randomly any more, it is off now. Still, I can't be too sure that the antivirus software removed all of the infections. In order to make sure, I installed the trial version of BitDefender antivirus and scanned the whole system to find if there are any infections still present. It came clean! None infections found. I uninstalled BitDefender and then installed Coranti multi-engine antivirus to see if it could find anything. Same results, no infections found! I'm impressed with the performance of Preventon antivirus software as it removed all of the infections successfully and the system seems to be working normal.

Conclusion of the test: Preventon antivirus successfully removed all the infections from the system and cleaned the computer completely. This is a 100% scoring achieved by Preventon antivirus software. None of the other antivirus software were able to find any infection either. Based on my 10 hours of testing, I can confidently say that Preventon antivirus passes the stealth test and achieved a 10 out of 10 score in the stealth test.

Important Observations

There are a few observations that I would love to share. I have not seen this feature in any of the other antivirus programs so far. Preventon antivirus has a wonderful feature: Zero Hour Protection. This feature is extremely helpful when you are about to install a software that has new infection. Such new infections are undetectable by most antivirus software available out there. However, Preventon antivirus successfully picked up all those suspicious activities by programs. For instance, I was running the PC benchmark software which needs to move the mouse pointer for some benchmark test. Preventon quickly picked up this behaviour and warned me that the PC benchmark software is taking control of the mouse pointer and whether I wanted to allow it to continue or stop the activity. I really adore this feature as it monitors the activity of all the software on the computer and warns a user whenever there is a suspicious activity.

Another awesome feature, Preventon warned me about Yahoo! Updater that it was trying to contact in order to download some advertisements. Needless to say, I blocked Yahoo Updater from downloading any advertisements on my computer. For this feature, I would give Preventon antivirus a score of 100% awesomeness! I simply LOVE Preventon antivirus for keeping me safe and warning me about such activities that none of the other antivirus programs have warned me about before. All of my computers will now have the Preventon antivirus protection, that's a done deal!

Preventon Antivirus Ratings

Speed/Performance Test Scored 9 out of 10
Stealth Test Scored 9 out of 10
Strength Test Scored 10 out of 10

Preventon Antivirus Screenshots

Preventon antivirus screenshot 01 Preventon antivirus screenshot 02 Preventon antivirus screenshot 03 Preventon antivirus screenshot 04 Preventon antivirus screenshot 05