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Auslogics Antivirus Review

Auslogics Antivirus Review
Auslogics Antivirus 2013(#6 in top ten antivirus)
Speed: Speed 8 Stars
Stealth: Stealth 8 Stars
Strength: Strength 8 Stars
Support: Support 8.5 Stars
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According to an old article published at ComputerWorld, number of viruses to top 1 million by 2009, it is clear that the number of viruses and malware is increasing every day. The fact is that more than 20,000 new viruses/malware hit the internet everyday, that's an alarming number! And this number doubles each year. Next year, the total number of virus/malware will be 40,000+ everyday. So while you are surfing the internet, downloading stuff on your computer, banking online or even chatting with your friends using a messenger, you need to have a robust security software that can protect your computer from all those virus, trojans and other forms of malware out there.

Out of tens of antivirus software providers, there are a few that stand out of the crowd and provide the best security for your computer. This Auslogics antivirus review is to introduce you to the features and technology you will find in the Auslogics antivirus and security software. Auslogics just won the VB100 award in January 2012 because of its fast and strong antivirus software. We will discuss why they received this award. Also, I tested the software on my lab computer to test its capabilities. I have run various tests to check its capabilities like: speed of the antivirus software, impact of Auslogics antivirus on system resources, stealth test and more. Another good thing about this antivirus is its price in comparison to other antivirus software. Auslogics is one of the cheapest priced antivirus software but provides the best security.

Auslogics Antivirus Review

Auslogics antivirus is considered to be the best antivirus software because it provides the best security for your computer while causing minimum impact on the system resources. The software has won many awards since its first release and recently it won the VB100 award. Here are some of the features that can give you a better idea of its capabilities:

Proactive Protection: Proactive protection is one of the best features available in this antivirus software! The software constantly analyses the behavior of the applications running on the computer system and warns the user whenever an application performs a suspicious action. If your computer gets the infection and you are not aware of it, before the virus takes any action, Auslogics antivirus will detect the unusual behavior and quickly warn you for an action.

Real-time Protection: Any activity you do on the computer, is monitored by this antivirus software. With this antivirus running on your computer, you get total peace of mind because the software provides real-time scanning. When you access a file or an application, the antivirus software monitor how the application works, if it tries to do anything unusual, it is stopped and the user is informed. When you are surfing over the internet, the software monitors the good and the bad sites. It also warns you of any phishing or malware infected websites.

Active Virus Control: Not all viruses are known to an antivirus software, specially the new virus and malware which hits the internet everyday. The Active Virus Control feature of this antivirus program protects your computer against new threats for which signatures have not been released yet. The feature also allows you to manually add/remove applications to trusted/untrusted applications.

Privacy Control: If you shop online using your computer, your personal information like name, address, credit card info and other sensitive information is at risk. The Auslogics antivirus software is designed to block spyware, keyloggers, trojan horses and other data theft tools. With this antivirus on your computer, you can shop online worry-free.

Auslogics Antivirus Ratings

I installed the Auslogics Antivirus on my lab computer to test its features and check its impact on the system resources. Auslogics says that their antivirus software is fast, let's see the ratings as per the tests conducted on our lab computer.

Speed Test and Ratings

I have used a popular computer benchmarking software to check the performance of the computer before installation and after installing the Auslogics antivirus program.

System performance before installing the Auslogics antivirus:

System Performance Ratings

In the above test results, the CPU speed was 7270 MIPS, it could process 7270 million instructions per second. The memory speed was 3090 Megabytes per second. Hard drive speed was 16.8 Megabytes per second and 2D video speed was 8.67 MP/s (processing millions of pixels per second). When the Auslogics antivirus was fully installed, we ran the same test again to check if there is difference in the performance scores.

System performance after installing the Auslogics antivirus:

Auslogics Antivirus Ratings

In the above test results, the CPU speed changed to 7030 MIPS. The memory speed reduced to 2890 megabytes per second. Hard drive speed changed to 14.2 MB/s and the 2D video speed reduced to 6.37 MP/s. The difference between the pre-installation ratings and post-installation ratings is very little. Auslogics antivirus performed way better than many other popular antivirus software.

System performance ratings comparison before and after installing Auslogics:

Component Before Install After Install
Hard Drive16.814.2

But the point is, there is a difference in the overall performance of the computer. However, the difference is very minimal. I have seen the performance dipping down to half after installing certain antivirus software. The difference here we see is very little, which proves the fact that Auslogics antivirus has very little impact on the system performance.

CONCLUSION OF THE TEST: Auslogics Antivirus does not slow down a computer. After installing the software, there is very little change in the performance of the computer which proves the fact that this antivirus software is designed to use the least system resources and does not cause system slow-down after installation. I would give Auslogics antivirus a rating of 8 out of 10 scores in the Speed Test.

Auslogics Antivirus Stealth Test

Stealth and virus detection are two important features of an antivirus software. If a virus or malware shuts down your antivirus software, it means the software is low on stealth scale. Prior to running these tests, I uninstalled and fully removed the Auslogics antivirus software from my computer. Then i installed some sample programs which had severe virus infections.

I performed these tests on a local computer which is not connected to the internet. This was done in order to ensure that the infection does not spread from our computer to other computers over the internet. Then I installed the Auslogics antivirus software. The antivirus detected all of the infections successfully and I was able to remove all of the infected files within an hour. The DangerousObject.Multi.Generic gave me quite a challenge but I was able to remove the infection with the help of antivirus software. There were some bad looking registry keys that I had to manually remove.

CONCLUSION OF THE TEST: Auslogics antivirus is based on a robust technology that can detect and remove old and the new viruses, trojan and other malware. I would give this antivirus a rating of 8 out of 10 in the Stealth Test.

Overall Test Results

Speed/Performance Test Scored 8 out of 10
Stealth Test Scored 8 out of 10
Strength Test Scored 8 out of 10

Auslogics Antivirus Screenshots

Auslogics antivirus screenshot 01 Auslogics antivirus screenshot 02 Auslogics antivirus screenshot 03 Auslogics antivirus screenshot 04 Auslogics antivirus screenshot 05