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Important Computing Tips You Should Know

June 25, 2013

A computer, by definition is a machine that helps to compute. That’s the simplest definition of a computer system! However, we all know that we use computers for a number of different reasons. Internet is one of the reasons why use a computer: banking, shopping, socializing, education, news and much more. A lot of users think they are secure while surfing the internet since they have an active security program installed on their computer. Can’t say they are wrong but there is more to it. Having an antivirus or security software is good for you (and your computer) but there are certain DOs and DONTs that you should always consider while using your computer.

This article is for brushing up the basics, understanding the important tips that can help you prolong the life of your computer and stay safe over the internet while browsing, emailing, chatting, banking, etc or while working on your computer offline. Why offline? Well, there’s always a chance of getting your computer infected through the CD you got from your friend. Or perhaps you used a USB thumb drive that you earlier used in your school/college computer library. There are tens of different ways to easily infect a computer system but it is really tough to clean it and make it healthy again. So here’s a list of DOs and DONTs that can definitely help you keep your computer healthy like a horse!

List of DOs

  • Treat your computer like a “work machine”, not an entertainment system. But if you bought a computer for gaming purpose, that’s a different story altogether.
  • Regularly check your computer for maintenance and do the necessary tasks in order to keep it running properly.
  • Shutdown the computer when you are not using it. Keeping it powered up all of the time and leaving it unattended will definitely affect cause problems.
  • Keep it locked with a good and easy-to-remember password whenever you have to leave the computer unattended for little durations. Little one may be waiting to put his/her hands on the computer and waiting for dad to leave it unattended!
  • Keep the computer clean, both mentally and physically. If you are not using a software anymore, uninstall it (if you have a backup of the setup file). If you are drinking and/or eating near your computer, it is about time to change the habit.
  • Over the internet, surf only the trusted websites. Do not be lured by “punch the monkey and win an iPod”. The chances are, you punch the monkey and become one right after (just kidding).
  • Get a good antivirus software. In fact, get the best one! Read some reviews over the internet. At TopTenAntivirus.net we have published antivirus ratings and comparisons that can help you choose the best antivirus software for your needs.
  • Keep a good, clean, dirt-free and a hygienic environment around your computer so that you love your computer and give it the necessary care it deserves.

List of DONTs

  • Don’t drink/eat near your computer! No explanation because you know what I’m saying. So, don’t drink/eat near your computer! Keep that stuff for the dining table or the kitchen.
  • Don’t make your computer your anger management system. Don’t punch it, poke it, kick it or slam it. Just because you are angry with a software, doesn’t mean you have to punish the hardware. Yeah I know, not the smartest thing to say but people do it all the time.
  • Don’t ignore that little pesky bug that keeps dropping errors when you start your computer or while you are working on your documents, reports, etc. It could be a software thing but we can’t rule out the possibility that something may be wrong with the hardware. Fix it before you run out of time!
  • Don’t keep your computer running 24×7. Its a high-tech machinery that needs to cool off its internal components. Unless you are in an air-conditioned room 24×7, shutdown your computer and allow it to have rest. And of course, your computer is not on solar energy, save some power and do everyone some favor.
  • Over the internet, do not get lured by those little cute monsters or the little fishy in the virtual water tank. Screensavers, is what I’m talking about. Do not be fooled by the glittering letters and banners of that encourage you to clickie! Those things could be potentially harmful for your computer.
  • Don’t go clicking the Download buttons and installing almost anything available over the internet. If you need a software, make sure that you are downloading it from a trusted source. After downloading, test it with your antivirus program. Also, you could use VirusTotal.com website to make sure the file is not infected.
  • If your computer is infected with some malicious software from hell, don’t sit and wait for it to fix on its own. Your computer will not feel better with time, it will only get worse. So do something! Join some online forum and ask questions to the experts, unless you are willing to pay hundreds of dollars to your local computer technician.
  • While gaming, your computer is working at its full capacity. Your computer may get heated up rapidly as you play your favorite game for hours. Make sure your computer is not in a corner getting suffocated from all of the heat generating inside it. Proper ventilation will definitely help the health of your gaming machine!
  • Last but not the least, do not do things that you are not aware of! Many people enjoy troubleshooting a computer system without proper knowledge. They love messing with the Windows Registry for no good reason(s). Do Not mess with the registry or any other administrative areas that can cause trouble if tampered.

These are just a few important tips that you should know. These tips will help you make the most out of your computer while keeping it protected from all sorts of potential hazards. Especially when you use your computer for making payments, banking, online shopping, etc. If you know of any other tips that can be helpful, please share them below!

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