Thursday, April 17, 2014

Dirty Little Secrets of the eWorld You Should Know!

Internet is a very useful tool to make your life easier. But it can also change your life if you do not be careful. Here are some important internet computing tips you should be aware of. The dirty little secrets about antivirus and security software companies, free email systems and lots more. Read them and […]

Important Computing Tips You Should Know

A computer, by definition is a machine that helps to compute. That’s the simplest definition of a computer system! However, we all know that we use computers for a number of different reasons. Internet is one of the reasons why use a computer: banking, shopping, socializing, education, news and much more. A lot of users […]

8 Important Tips To Make Your Computer Work Faster

Computer systems do slow down over a period of time. We install different software components over the time that are needed for various different purposes. Some of the programs are designed to start automatically whenever we start computer. Such programs keep clogging the computer memory and make a computer function much slower than intended. This […]

GFI Acquires Sunbelt Software

Sunbelt Software today announced that GFI Software has acquired the Sunbelt Software, specially its VipreTM line of products: Vipre Antivirus and Vipre Security. Both companies are market leaders. Where Sunbelt is well known for its security products, GFI is well known for its software infrastructure products for small and medium-sized enterprises. The terms of the […]

HP-Norton, hand-in-hand to secure computing

Norton Antivirus is top of the line antivirus and security software for Windows and Mac computers. The lab tests we conducted have proved that Norton offers the best antivirus software. Also, HP is among the top brands when it comes to computers, be it desktops or notebook computers, HP is among the best and most […]